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Convenient used single point control / group control powerful wifi controller can control about 30 m led light strip , outdoor lightings

Convenient used single point control / group control powerful wifi controller can control about 30 m led light strip , outdoor lightings

Model: WF400


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     Product summarization

    WF400 is another wifi controller independently developed by our company, following our WF100, compared with WF100, WF400 is more powerful, and more flexible to use, when using, you do not need to switch wireless networks, it is more convenient to be on internet. You can choose encrypt network, can also open network. It’s more convenient for you to choose wireless network with WiFiManager network management software, WF400 network configuration. Combined our independently developed mobile software Touchhome+ with controller, this makes the function of WF400 more better than WF100. Supporting the use of software with WF400, it can achieve single point control and group control, in addition, it includes some features, such as re-name of controller, set the location, timing control and other function. This makes the function of WF400 more powerful.   


    Trough the use of WIFI technology, it provides more comfortable, safer and more convenient intelligent lighting control than traditional lighting control, optimizes the lighting control methods, which brings a new, comfortable lighting environment to users.

    Standards and Certifications


    Technical Parameters

    1. Software technical parameters

    1.1 Control software:

      1. Name: Touch Home+

      2. Runtime platform: iOS system (iphone, ipad), Android(pad) equipment must have WiFi function.

      3. Language: English, Chinese (automatic identification system according to language)

      4. Category: communications

    1.2 Configuration software 

     1. Name: WiFiManager

     2. Runtime platform: Win 7/Windows Vista/Win2003/WinXP/Win2000

     3. Language: English

     4. Category: communications (USB)

    2. Controller technical parameters

     1. Working voltage: DC5-24V

     2. Working temperature: -20-60

     3. Working Power consumption: about 1.6W

     4. Output: 3 channel common anode, Max. current4A/each channel, with overcurrent protection

     5. Packing dimension: L215 * W165 * H55(mm)

     6. External dimension: L107 * W65 * H30(mm)

     7. Controller weight: 340g

     8. Remote control weight: 85g

     9. Gross weight: 460g

     10. Receiving sensitivity: 802.11b/g DSSS(-5dBm),802.11b CCK (-10dBm),802.11g OFDM(-15dBm)m)

    3.Remote control technical parameters

    1. Working temperature:-20-60℃

    2. Power supply method:AAA*3

    3. Supply voltage: 1.5V*3

    4: Standby power: 0.015mW

    5. Standby current:: 3uA

    6. Working current: 200uA

    7. Emission current: 10mA

    8. Remote control distance: about 30m

    9. Standby time: 6 month

    Specifications Download     
     Instruction for use

    Proper use of WF400 mainly includes the following steps:

    Step1:Recognize and identify the controller interfaces

    Understand the function of each interface on the controller, its basic usage and wiring. Refer to the controller interface instructions.

    Step 2: Configure the controller

    Method One:Through WiFiManager, you can configure various parameters of the controller, including the name, location, network, time, output type and so on, facilitate user to recognize and control. Refer to WiFiManager instructions.

    Method Two: through the TouchHome+ config tool to manually configure.

    Step 3: Install controller

    Understand specific wiring of controller and installation requirements. Refer to hardware installation instructions of controller.

    Step 4: Remote control

    Describes specific use of touch remote control. Refer to remote control instructions.

    Step 5: Mobile phone control

    Brief description control method of mobile phone. Refer to Touchhome+ instructions.


    Hardware installation description

    Install power supply and LED equipment

    This connector structure belong to drawer structure, the device interface of power supply and LED is together, four interface one the left side (CH3, CH2, CH1, V+)is connect led equipment,the fifth interface is connect the anode V+ of power supply, the sixth interface is connect the cathode V_ of power supply. According to the rated voltage of led lamp, we supply power to controller ,and the rated voltage of controller is DC5-24V. As follows:



    2.RGB lamps connection diagram

    When user’s lamp is RGB type, you need to set the controller type to WF400A through PC software, the output type is RGB, connect the lamp according to above diagram, then you can use it.

    Convenient used single point control / group control powerful wifi controller can control about 30 m led light strip , outdoor lightings

    Convenient used single point control / group control powerful wifi controller can control about 30 m led light strip , outdoor lightings

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