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Complete LED Strip Kits

What is an LED strip light kit?

As the name suggests, the kit contains a complete LED strip box, which contains the LED strip, LED controller, LED power adapter, LED accessories, and user manual; it is a plug-and-play set, after receiving it, you only need to connect the LED strip to the controller with the JST SM arrow, and then insert the DC male connector of the power adapter into the input interface of the controller to start setting the APP; the led light strip contains 3M adhesive, which is very convenient to install, low voltage DC12/24V input, 3 Yearly warranty, safe and reliable, we provide optional kits including single color, dual-color temperature, RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT, dream color digital and LED cabinet lights,


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  • LED Stair Lights KitLED Stair Lights Kit

    Stairway Light Fixture for Motion Sensor Stair Lighting.

    Whether you're looking for complete led stair lights kits or individual led stair lighting controllers or stair led strip lights, you'll find the answer here. 

    LED motion sensor stair lights can automatically sense your movements when you walk into the sensing area of the PIR motion sensors, then the stairway lights will automatically turn on and then automatically turn off.

    You can DIY your own unique staircase lights effect through a stair light controller. You can watch our videos for more step lights effects.

    About led stair lights installation: How To Install Motion Sensor LED Stair Lights Kit?

    More indoor stair lighting with led light strips ideas are here

  • Single Color LED Strip Light KitsSingle Color LED Strip Light Kits

    Single color LED strip light kit is committed to providing the brightest lighting color and the fastest installation method, warm white/natural white/daylight white optional brings customers a warm and bright feeling, and human body induction/button control/RF control brings customers the most enjoyable experience, plug and play, efficiently solve customer installation problems. DC5/12V low voltage input ensures user safety, always used in cabinets/stairs and other places where additional lighting needs to be provided.

  • Variable White LED Strip Light KitsVariable White LED Strip Light Kits

    Tunable white LED strip light kit is not limited to single color lighting effects, maximizes the application effect of white color, 2800-6500K adjustable, controls the emitting light to change to any white you want, making the dim space instantly brighter; DC12 /24V low-voltage input, plug and play, solve all user problems in installation and safety, is the first choice for cabinet lighting, bedroom, study and another task lighting.

  • Multi-Color LED Strip Light KitsMulti-Color LED Strip Light Kits

    Color changing LED strip light is a collection of RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT LED strip light kits. It provides unlimited imagination in static color changes. It can be used with a controller to mix RGB to produce 16 million colors, W provides any white light options, CCT can easily achieve 2800 to 6500K adjustable, supports various control methods such as RF/APP/Button/Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant, DC5/12/24V low voltage input, plug and play, guarantees safe use and brings users the most extreme experience.

  • Color Chasing LED Strip Light KitsColor Chasing LED Strip Light Kits

    How to connect the color chasing LED strip light kit?

    1. Determine the power of the LED strip.

    Over-driving the controller or wrong wiring will cause the lights to flicker and even damage the light strips. When connecting a single roll of ultra-long lighting, to avoid voltage drop, you need to power at two ends of LED strip light; when connecting multiple rolls of LED strips, you need to use an LED power amplifier; for a single roll of short-distance lighting, you can directly connect an LED strip, controller to LED power supply or choose our LED strip light kit.

    2. Master the correct wiring method.

    Single Signal LED Strips: VCC, DAT, GND; Dual Signal LED Strips: VCC, DAT, CLK, GND; Breakpoint Resume Series: VCC, DAT, B1, GND(B1 can be connected to the DAT/CLK/GND interface).

  • Weatherproof LED Strip Light KitsWeatherproof LED Strip Light Kits

    How to make waterproof LED strip light kit?

    Before making the Waterproof LED strip light, you need to prepare an LED strip, a silicone sleeve (with a string inside), a bottle of translucent glue, and 2 waterproof end caps.

    1. Keep the surface of the LED strip clean and tidy, and ensure that the length of the LED strip is consistent with the length of the silicone sleeve.

    2. One end of the string inside the silicone sleeve is connected to the LED light strip, and under the action of external force, the LED light strip is pulled into the silicone sleeve.

    3. Untie the rope, install waterproof end caps on both ends of the casing, fill the waterproof end caps with translucent glue, wipe the excess glue, place the vents, and dry for two hours.

  • Under Cabinet LED Puck LightsUnder Cabinet LED Puck Lights


    Shop By Under Cabinet LED Light Kit Type

DC12V 16.4ft/5M SMD 5050 RGB/RGBW/RGBWW/RGB+CCT LED Ligth Strip Kit,60LEDs/M, With 28 Key Remote Control, Color Changing LED Light Strip

DC12V 16.4ft/5M SMD 5050...

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