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What is the difference between polycarbonate (PC) and acrylic (PMMA) diffusers

1. Polycarbonate (PC): Polycarbonate is well known and widely used for several prominent reasons. First, it has an extremely high impact strength for plastic material. Polycarbonate also has very high transmissivity. That is, it allows very effectively for the passage of light. Combining its impact strength and high transmissivity makes polycarbonate an ideal material for commercial greenhouses used in northern climates. 

2. Acrylic (PMMA): like polycarbonate, acrylic has very high transmissivity (it allows for the passage of light). Second, acrylic is extremely scratch resistant. Because of these two qualities, acrylic is frequently the plastic of choice for optical devices. Another characteristic that makes acrylic a great choice for optical devices is that relative to glass acrylic is much less damaging to skin or eye tissue when it is fractured. But PMMA is more fragile than PC.

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