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Single Color LED Strip Lights

What are Single Color LED Strip Lights?

Single Color LED Strip Lights, high CRI, restore the clear object color, while the low color rendering ability is not friendly to the human eyes. Suitable for home lighting(kitchen lights, bedroom lights, under-cabinet lights, ceiling lights), commercial lighting, building lighting, etc. 

You need to consider some aspects to choosing the best led strip light for your LED project, led strip working voltage, the white light color temperature, the FPCB width, how many LEDs are on the strip, non-waterproof or waterproof, COB or LED, 5050SMD or 2835SMD LED, etc. 

Single-color or monochrome LED strip lights to produce an energy-efficient, appealing, and long-lasting solution for commercial, residential, and stage lighting in a range of accent and attractive illumination applications. It makes it possible for users to generate the wanted solid color without the requirement for a special controller or optics. 

What you need to know about led strip installation:

How to cut led strip lights?

How to connect two light strips together?

How to connect single color led strip lights?

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  • Flexible COB LED Strip LightsFlexible COB LED Strip Lights

    What is COB led strip lights?

    Difference between SMD LED and COB LED?

    The newest COB LED technology, differs from traditional SMD LED Chips because instead of individual chips soldered to flexible PCB and then mounted to an aluminium profile; the Light-emitting wafers are cut into hundreds of smaller chips. These tiny small and hardly visible pieces of semiconductor crystal are bonded directly to the circuit board with a special bonding method allowing solderless fabrication and maximum heat dissipation. Beam angle up to 180°.

    The yellow coating in the middle of the COB Chip is simply a phosphor coating, enabling complete control of color temperatures and CRI. This type of LED technology makes chip densities up to 840 chips per meter possible and promises to offer much more flexibility and better brightness over other LED technologies.

    The COB LED achieves higher brightness with a more uniform appearance than its predecessors. COB technology offers increased levels of light dispersion banishing those dark then bright patches created by narrow beam fittings, It does not need to be installed in the aluminium channel and remove light spot by the PMMA diffuser. Furthermore, the COB has greater reliability and a longer life span than the SMD LEDs, with 3M adhesive tape on the backside, High colour efficiency, uniform illumination.

    The advantages of the COB led strip are high efficiency, high density, high CRI, high flexibility, high beam angle, low power, no spot, long life, it will become the most important product in LED low-voltage lighting market in the future.

    we sell 12 color types(2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, red, green, blue, yellow, CCT, RGB, RGBW and addressable RGB) and multiple width options. It is dotless, no spot, very good for home led linear light, led aluminium profile using. DC5V, DC12V and DC24V versions optional.

    COB Flexible led strip light specification 

    What you need to know about led strip installation:

    How to cut led strip lights?

    How to connect two light strips together?

    How to connect single color led strip lights?

  • DC5V LED Strip LightsDC5V LED Strip Lights

    Why choose DC5V led strip light?

    DC5V series LED strip for low input voltage, single LED can be cut, can be customized by cutting any length of the strip to meet the needs of customization; using high quality PCB and SMDLED, energy saving and environmental protection, no radiation, no flicker, harmless to human body; in color temperature (monochrome, UV, CCT, RGB, RGBCCT) and waterproof level with a variety of optional; with a USB interface, can be directly applied to computers, desktops, laptops, tablets, car cigarette lighters, etc.; Plug and play, outdoor camping, quick lighting through portable chargers. Meanwhile, we provide 2835/5050/COB SMD LED chips with strip width up to 6mm/0.24in RGB and strip density up to 320Chips/m to meet any needs of complex outdoor environment. 

    Before buying LED strip lights, you may want to know what is LED strip waterproof rating, difference between DC5V, DC12V, and DC24V, how to choose the LED brightness, and how to power LED strip lights, etc. And you can know that in the article: Top 6 Considerations Before Buying LED Strip Lights

    What you need to know about led strip installation:

    How to cut led strip lights?

    How to connect two light strips together?

    How to connect single color led strip lights?

  • InfraRed丨IR LED Strip LightsInfraRed丨IR LED Strip Lights

    What is the difference between red and infrared led strips?

    Red light emits at 630nm/640nm and 660nm/670nm, which is visible light and mainly used for treating skin surface; while infrared light emits at 730nm, 810nm, 850nm and 940nm, which is invisible light and can only be used in night mode commonly used in multi-touch display and monitoring market as well as medical handheld and still cameras. The infrared LED strip light series is DC12/24V low input voltage, safe and efficient, and infrared light generates the most heat, which is harmless to human body, while stimulating mitochondrial function, thus increasing metabolism, improving tissue repair and reducing inflammation. Currently, we offer infrared LED strips in 850nm and 940nm wavelengths, made from various LED component types (SMD5050/SMD3528), offering different color, power and optical density options; and the LED strip work with LED controller can achieve 0-100% dimming and brightness adjustment with great flexibility, and self-adhesive backing for easy installation, which is ideal for lighting environments with harsh installation conditions.

  • Ultraviolet丨UV LED Light StripsUltraviolet丨UV LED Light Strips

    What is UV light? What is a LED UV light strip?

    Ultraviolet light (UV light) is an invisible light, also known as UV black light, which has a wavelength from 100nm to 400nm, divided into three common ultraviolet lights, UV A light (315nm-400nm), UV B light (280nm-315nm), and UV C light (100nm-280nm), application fields include industry, biotechnology, medical like money detection, air purification, UV mosquito control, UV curing, whitening and sterilization, etc.

    The led UV light strip emits 395-405nm UV wavelength on the basis of LED chips, belongs to UV A light, with flexible PCB board and 3M adhesive backing, DC5-24V low voltage input. The length of the UV black light led strip can be cut according to your project. UV LED black light strips with LED dimmer can achieve 0-100% dimming, suitable for black art light, black Christmas lights, black light clothing, black light parties, black light painting, black light human body art, etc. 

    We offer UV LED light strips and LED downlights, LED track lightsLED bulbs in different SMD LEDs, LED densities, power, and waterproof ratings for you to choose from, suitable for various black lighting.

    Guide To Know LED UV Light Strip And UV Light Fixtures


  • Ultra-narrow LED Strip LightsUltra-narrow LED Strip Lights

    What is the thinnest width of a LED light strip?

    Ultra-narrow LED strip is a collection of LED strips with width of 6mm and below, DC12/24V low voltage input, safe and stable high efficiency, using high luminous efficiency SMDLED and sturdy 3M backing, a variety of single color can be selected to ensure a high degree of color consistency of the LED strip; 90CRI, no UV radiation, highly restore the true original appearance of the static background; mostly use COB, SMD 2110, SMD 2116, SMD 3014 and SMD2835 small epistar LED chips, and single LED high brightness SMD5730 LED chips, the narrowest width can achieve 3mm/0.12in, LED density up to 480 chips/m, so that it adapts to any complex environment without having to worry about losing worry about narrow lumen output or vivid color quality; while providing different waterproof level, LED density and color optional LED strips, which work with LED controller, can achieve 0-100% dimmable.

  • Side Emitting LED Strip LightsSide Emitting LED Strip Lights

    How to hide my led strip light?

    Side-emitting LED strip with a more flexible design structure, the beam is shot from the side, parallel to the plane lighting without showing the strip, usually installed under the cabinet, lighting in hard-to-reach places, hiding the LED strip and ensuring the lighting effect. Single-sided side-emitting LED strip can be installed in narrow environments(within 3mm/0.12in), emitted by parallel beams to achieve single-sided accent lighting; double-sided side-emitting LED strip, emitted at both ends to achieve parallel dead-angle free emitting in narrow environments(within 3mm/0.12in). Side-emitting LED strip light using SMD020; SMD335; SMD3014, COB LED and SMD4713 high brightness LED chips, LED density can reach 480Chips/m(COB side-emitting led strip light); DC12/24V low voltage input, safe and high efficient, harmless to human body; 3/6LEDs cuttable, customizable length, widely used for visibility and backlight accent lighting in building bays, corridors, stairs, display cabinets, etc. (For outdoor lighting, please choose IP67 waterproof and above).

  • Dual White CCT Dimmable LED StripsDual White CCT Dimmable LED Strips

    What is CCT?

    Color temperature (CCT) is a measure of the color appearance of a light source, rather than the two numbers needed to specify chromaticity. CCT is also known as adjustable white light, with an adjustable color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K, outputting two different shades of white light, dual white LEDs can be adjusted to achieve mood lighting. 2000K-3000K: emits a soft white light (Warm white), often yellow in appearance, suitable for living rooms and other home lighting and outdoor environment lighting; 3100K-4500K: emit bright white light (Netural white), suitable for working space and other office lighting, etc; 4600K-6500K: emits bright white light, similar to daylight (Daylight white); suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting; 6500K and above (Cool white): emits bright blue light, suitable for commercial lighting.

    What are dual-white (CCT) LED strip lights?

    Tunable white LED strip lights emit high-quality white light in temperatures ranging from 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white). Versatile, dynamic and multi-purpose, the dimmable white strip lights work with CCT LED controller to control any color individually( precisely control color temperature), set cool white light for task lighting and general use, set warm white light for mood and accent lighting; DC12/24V low voltage input, safe and high efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving; color rendering index of any white light can reach 95, highly restore original appearance of the things; with flexible design structure and arrangement, 2in1, pure white+warm white,pure white+warm white+nature white optional/dual rows and multiple rows optional, single rows can reach up to 252LEDs/m, double rows can reach 240LEDs/m; customizable LED strip lengths along the cutting line, and the waterproof level of the LED strip can be selected according to the indoor and outdoor installation.

    How to Connect CCT LED Strip Lights?

  • 2110 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights2110 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What is the smallest LED chip?

    The size of 2110 LED chip is 2.1*1.0mm, which is the smallest LED Chip existing in the market; it only supports DC24V low voltage input, stable and efficient, and can last for a long time; the color rendering index is up to 95 and the LED strip can emit a variety of high quality white, the color has a high degree of consistency, the object color is more vivid and has a more sensual visual experience; Minimum design can achieve ultra-narrow width 3.3mm/0.13in, ultra-high density 700LEDs/m, no light spot linear lighting, no graininess, perfect for LED aluminum channel to work together; high brightness, high lumens, the lumens of the strip and the number of LEDs are highly correlated, the maximum lumens can achieve 534lm/feet, LED strip coordinates with LED controller to achieve 0- 100% dimming, ideal for bright and dynamic lighting applications. The slimmer LEDs and denser arrangement allows for a more even distribution of light and a more natural emitting of the surroundings, we offer LED strips in custom lengths, high quality white light, and waterproof ratings to choose from, they are more suitable for outdoor lighting, indoor task lighting, bedroom accent lighting and personal mood lighting.

  • 2216 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights2216 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    Why choose SMD2216 LED Strip Light?

    With a color rendering index (CRI) of 95, the 2216 LED strip can render anything and scene into the ideal color; it uses the latest SMD LED components with heat dissipation pads for good heat dissipation; it only supports DC24V input voltage to ensure the safety of the strip while increasing its duration. If you are committed to the pursuit of narrower strips, the 3mm/0.12in ultra-narrow 2216 strip can meet all your needs for narrow spaces, with a maximum density of 300LEDs/m, ultra-narrow and high brightness ideal for indoor-outdoor lighting, suitable for small LED aluminum channel, high density through the PC cover to disperse a uniform high line, highlighting the environment bright colors, no light spot linear lighting. Lighting. evenly arranged LEDs, disperse flexible white light, no strobe, a variety of color temperatures, custom lengths, waterproof rating can be selected, suitable for multi-scene task lighting and accent lighting.

  • 3014 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights3014 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What is 3014 LED strip light?

    3014 LED strip with high quality LEDs, color rendering index of 95, installed by isometric intelligent control of electrical technology, LEDs are evenly arranged on the PCB to ensure stable current output, more harmonious luminous color, and high color consistency; special heat dissipation technology (low Rth), with good thermal conductivity, improving the sustainable time of the LED strip; waterproof strip using PU rubber surface material, improve the flexibility of the strip, to ensure the transparency of the strip up to 90%; the narrowest can achieve 3mm/0.12in, the maximum LED density can achieve a single row of 240LEDs/m, double row of 480LEDs/m, dense LED arrangement, with LED aluminum channel to achieve perfect no light spot; LED strip with LED controller to achieve the perfect dimming effect, suitable for display lighting, work lighting, retail lighting, mood lighting, etc.

    What is the difference between SMD2110, SMD2216 and SMD3014?

    1. Single LED size: 2110SMD is 2.1*1.0mm; 2216SMD is 2.2*1.6mm; 3014SMD is 3.0*1.4mm.

    2. LED strip minimum width: SMD2110 LED strip minimum width is 3.3mm/0.13in, but 2216SMD LED strip and 3014SMD LED strip is 3mm/0.12in. 

    3. LED strip maximum LED density: 2110 LED strip maximum density is 700LEDs/m, 2216SMD LED strip is 300LEDs/m; 3014SMD double row LED strip is 480LEDs/m, single row LED strip is 240LEDs/m.

    4. Single LED lumens: In the same LED density, single LED lumens: SMD3014>SMD2216>SMD2110LED. The more the LED density, the more LED lumens.

    5. Input Voltage: 3014 LED support DC12/24V input voltage; but 2110 and 2213 LED strip only support DC24V.

  • 2835 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights2835 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What is the difference between SMD2835 LED and SMD3528 LED?

    We should firstly understand what is SMD, SMD means "Surface Mount Diode", by soldering the LED chips on the PCB, the LEDs are evenly arranged to form a complete strip light.

    The size of SMD2835 LED is 2.8*3.5mm, which shows the rectangle of light in the center; the size of SMD3528 LED is 3.5*2.8mm, which shows a round light-emitting center. Although roughly the same size in appearance, 2835 SMD LED as an upgraded version of 3528 LED has a larger light-emitting surface area and better heat sink, its light output is 2 to 3 times that of 3528 chip, so 2835 LED strip can work longer than 3528 LED strip;

    2835 LED strip lighting is brighter than 3528 LED, the 2835 LEDs offer standard and high density of up to 390 lm/ft in a single row and the brightest LED strip option on the market with up to 1300 lm/ft in three and four rows; the 2835s are widely used and can be used for indoor and outdoor DIY lighting, as well as auxiliary lighting in dim environments, holiday decorative lighting and architectural lighting.

    Although 2835 LED has many advantages, but 3528 LED as the earliest LED chip, the market share is higher, with good cost performance. If you are looking for more high efficient and brighter products, 2835 LED is more suitable for your needs, if you want to get lower cost LED strip (Between 2835 LED and 3528 LED), SMD3528 is more suitable. Both of them support DC12/24V low voltage input, with CRI95+, and can be customized with color, length and waterproof level.

  • 3528 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights3528 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    Which is better between 3528 and 5050 LED strip light?

    First, let's discover the difference by the size of the LED chips; they both emit light in a circle, but the shape of the individual LEDs is different, with the 3528SMD measuring 3.5*2.8mm and the 5050SMD measuring 5.0*5.0mm. Second, let's compare by lumens and power; 3528SMD 0.08watt, 7-9lm/LED, 5050SMD 0.24watt, 20-22lm/LED. 9lm/LED, 5050SMD 0.24watt, 20-22lm/LED. By shape and lumens we can tell that SMD5050 is bigger in size and brighter, but as the earliest developed LED chip, 3528 LED has been active in the market for more than 10 years and has a higher market share, so it is also more cost effective. On the one hand, because of its smaller power consumption and size, more LEDs can be displayed on a PCB of the same width, which is the reason why this classification shows a variety of multi-row LED strip models. On the other hand, because 3528 emits a smaller and more uniform area, consumes less power and operates at a lower temperature, and has an amazing color rendering index of 98.5, it is used by more high-end place designers in the single color field, which is not comparable to 5050 and other LEDs. Finally, If you need a single color, more reasonable price, higher lifespan and super high color rendering index LED strip lighting, 3528LED strip will be your best choice.

  • 5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What is a single color 5050 LED strip?

    Single color 5050 LED chip is widely applicable, the size of a single 5050 LED is 5.0*5.0mm, by encapsulating the chip in SMD5050 formation, it behaves as a central circular luminous, good heat dissipation and has a large luminous surface area, so the light output of 5050 LED is 3 times that of 3528 LED, which can produce up to 1000 lumens of light, Suitable for airport and, warehouses, factories and other bright lighting.DC12/24V low voltage input, high-efficient and stable, can last for a long time; 5050 LED produces high heat, if you are worried about the heat problem, you can use LED aluminum channel sealing package outside the LED strip (for single row LED strip), not only can waterproof and increase the heat dissipation effect, but also can expand the light area, high density LED strip can even achieve the effect of no light spot; 5050 LED can produce 7 different single colors and up to 95 in color rendering index, so it is also often used as indoor accent lighting and decorative lighting, and can be customized with waterproof level to achieve easy lighting in outdoor environment.

    Are 5050 led addressable?

    5050 LED can make single color LED light strips and multi-color (RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT) LED light strips and addressable LED strip lights. Multi-color LED strip light by integrating red, green, blue or white to produce up to 16 million colors, with color changing multi-color LED controller, can achieve a variety of color gradients, suitable for scene decoration lighting. At the same time, 5050 LED chips can be paired with addressable LED strips(WS2811/WS2812B/SK6812 ) Arduino for programming, which has an outstanding contribution to ambient lighting and can be used with dream color LED controller to produce a variety of dynamic color chasing effects.

  • 5630 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights5630 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    Are 5630 LEDs brighter than 5050?

    The size of 5630 LED is 5.6*3.0mm, and the size of 5050 LED is 5.0*5.0mm. The size of 5050 LED is larger than that of 5630 LED, but larger size does not always mean brighter. The light of 5630 LED the output is much more than the light output of the 5050 LED, the 5050 LED with 60 LEDs per meter can produce 1000 lumens (single LED is 60 mA @ 2.8-3.4 V); while the 5630 LED can produce 1300lumens (single LED is 70mA @ 2.8-3.4 V), which means that single 5630 LED have more brightness than single 5050 LED, and they are all 95 CRI, suitable for staircase lighting and building lighting. However, the heat output of 5630 LED is also higher than that of 5050 LED. Therefore, using 5630 LED strips can be used with LED aluminium profiles or LED neon tubes to ensure the strips' sustainable time and service life.

  • 5730 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights5730 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What is the brightest LED Strip Light?

    5730 LED has a larger luminous area than 5630LED, so the lighting brightness of 5730 LED is slightly higher than 5630 LED, and the light brightness of both is higher than 5050 LED(the biggest luminous area), so the brightest single LED in the market is 5730 LED; high power, high brightness, low attenuation, the size of single LED is 5.7*3.0mm, the output lumen is 24-26LM; DC12/24V high efficiency and environmental protection, harmless to human body, super bright but low temperature operation, completely smooth and uniform light propagation, solving the problem of uneven luminosity; 90 high CRI, can produce ideal luminous color, keep good color consistency, suitable for indoor and outdoor ambient lighting and architectural lighting, LED strip length and waterproof level can be customized. We provide 5mm/0.20in ultra-narrow and CCT (dual color temperture) 5730 LED strip light, unique design structure to meet the reverie of ultra-narrow and high brightness, dual color temperature, but 5730 LED generates high heat, it is recommended to use LED aluminum channel to extend the sustainable time and service life of LED strip light.

  • AC110/220V LED Tape LightsAC110/220V LED Tape Lights

    What is high voltage LED tape light?

    The 110/220V high-voltage LED tape light, also known as the LED rope light, is a bendable rope light that can be directly driven without a power transformer. The light source is flexible LED strips that protected by transparent or pvc tube. Since no power driver is required and easy to install, the driverless LED rope light can save a lot of costs in power supplies and installation. At the same time, due to their relatively small working current, the longest series length can be 50 to 100 meters. Thanks to their external protection, LED rope lights' IP rating can generally reach IP65 or above, so they are mostly used as outdoor decorative lighting in buildings, parks, bridges, etc.


How to choose the best LED strip?

We are the world's most complete LED flexible strip supplier, provide more than 500 single-color LED strip models, available in a range of outputs and color temperatures our premium single color strips are UL-Listed, Our single-color strip lights come in a variety of colors, such as 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 7000K color temperature, red, green, blue, orange, amber, pink, UV, and IR colors optional, the white Color rendering index up to Ra 98.

LED Chip Size: COB, 335SMD, 2110SMD, 2216SMD, 3014SMD, 2835SMD, 3528SMD, 5050SMD, 5630SMD, 5730SMD optional;

LED Densities: 30LEDs, 48LEDs, 60LEDs, 72LEDs, 84LEDs, 96LEDs, 120LEDs, 144LEDs, 240LEDs, 360LEDs, 420LEDs, 480LEDs, 600LEDs, 700LEDs per meter optional;

PCB Width: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 40mm PCB width optional;

Non-waterproof and Weatherproof IP65, IP67, IP68 ratings to match any kind of requirement indoors or outdoors. Every one of our versatile led strips is conveniently placed with their 3M adhesive backings, making any installation straightforward and simple.

120-degree top and side-emitting  angle, COB can reach 180-degree light-emitting angle, no spot, no flicker, AC120V high voltage strip can perform 164 or 328 feet length without voltage drop;

We stand behind our ETL and RoHs super bright led strip lights with a 5-year guarantee. We know that your projects need to execute faultlessly and also failures are not a choice. You can rest assured understanding you are obtaining top-notch strip light that you can depend on.

How do we customize our own LED strips?

We have our own factory and engineering team. If you need colors and PCB density that are not in the inventory, we can create custom colors and your own PCB models for you. Our team of engineers has extensive experience creating custom brand colors to ensure consistency of lighting across multiple locations. Contact us to discuss your project.

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